Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

At Rosherville, we offer good quality before-school childcare. We aim to provide a wide range of breakfast choices for the children to choose from which will prepare your children for their school day. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for play and participation and we will ensure that your children have a safe and happy time at Breakfast Club.

Once the children have eaten their breakfast they can play board games, draw, play with Lego, read or go outside and ride around on the Breakfast Club scooters (weather dependent). 


Breakfast Club is open every weekday during term time, excluding Staff Development Days, from 07:45 to 08:30. Your children can be dropped off at any time between these times and the Breakfast Club staff will then take them to their classroom at the end of the session. If your child wishes to have breakfast at the club, they must be in school by 08:00. 


Breakfast Club has a fixed daily cost of £2.00 per day before 08:00 and £1.50 per child after 08:00. This includes a breakfast of toast, crumpets, pancakes, muffins, bagels, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, milk, fruit juices, fruit squashes, or water (plus milkshakes on Mondays). 

Children that are entitled to free school meals can attend Breakfast Club for free.

How to Attend

There is no booking requirement for Breakfast Club, so if you are interested, please feel free to drop your child(ren) off from 07:45.

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