Friends of Rosherville - PTA

At Rosherville our Friends of Rosherville work closely with staff to raise funds for the school.

They organise a wide range of events throughout the year to engage all parents and children.

School disco– Each Key Stage voted for their film and enjoyed watching the most popular film with snacks and drinks.

Christmas fair – Stalls were set up including games, cake sales and raffle.

Easter egg hunt – Each child took part in an Easter egg hunt in the field which they thoroughly enjoyed – even the Year 6!. At the end of the day every child and adult were given Easter eggs.


Rosherville celebrated their 150th anniversary this year. Friends of Rosherville organised a school disco to celebrate this great event.

A summer fair took place in July. Children ran their own stalls linked to ‘Enterprise Month’. There was also an assault course for the children to enjoy as well as different stalls to again raise money for the School.



The money raised has been used to buy children ice-creams for their year-end trips, Easter Eggs for every child and gazebos.

Friends of Rosherville will continue to liaise with the school as to how the money raised could be used for the school.