Moving Mountains – Flourishing  through Fellowship

We aim to develop life-long learners that have a clear understanding of the world in which we live through the acquisition of skills and knowledge.  Developing their unique God given talents will enable them to thrive and flourish in a global society. Understanding the importance of collaboration children develop a sense of self and their impact and significance within the world in which they live. They learn that events from the past are linked and have an impact on their life in the present and indeed the future.

Our focus when creating our curriculum was for it to have an emphasis on knowledge, so that the children would know and remember more; to embed reading, writing, spoken language and maths across all subjects and to empower children to become resilient, confident and independent learners. We deliver high quality lessons that are personalised to our diverse school community for all subjects which develops skills, knowledge and creativity for all children, regardless of their starting points. Children develop the ability to relate current learning to what has been learnt previously and what will be learnt in the future.

We strive to ensure that the more able children in all areas of the curriculum are challenged further in their learning and children who find aspects of their learning more difficult are appropriately supported so that they too are enabled to experience success across a range of subjects.

We aim to ignite the children’s learning spark through engaging in super learning days at the beginning of a topic and to support our thematic approach to the curriculum. A variety of learning experiences enrich the children’s knowledge and understanding including purposeful home learning activities and extra-curricular visits. Throughout each topic, pupils have the opportunities to share their learning and collaborate with each other which develops their independence and motivation as learners.

Knowledge organisers are used to support the children in their learning, both in class and as home learning. This is a collection of vocabulary and key facts that children will learn. Termly assessments give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they have learnt in their learning. This is then used as a basis to ensure coverage and progression throughout the school.

Finally, the curriculum considers the development of the whole child and does not merely concentrate on academic success. Equally important is the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society and the wider world.


Curriculum Themes 

The curriculum at Rosherville is organised around six themes. These provide a consistent and continuous framework of concepts that underpin all that we live and learn at Rosherville both in the classroom and through wider extra-curricular activities.

Exploration – To explore our immediate environment and beyond including other countries, cultures and the rest of the world.

Global Responsibility – To understand that what we do impacts others and the wider world and discover what we can do to help look after the planet, contributing to an individual and group responsibility.

Creativity – Thinking creatively in order to solve problems and approach tasks in different ways, remembering and understanding that there are any routes to a final destination.

Sense of Self – Understanding our own worth and value, celebrating our skills and differences and having a sense of achievement in what has been accomplished whilst being motivated by what is still left to learn.

Comparison – Understanding the past, present and the future, celebrating differences and understanding the cause and consequence of events currently as well as what has been and what is yet to come.

Service – Understanding that we all have responsibility to make a difference for both ourselves and others and appreciating the work that others do for us and the wider community.

Teachers plan creatively in order for children to understand these themes through all that they learn. Flourishing through fellowship we work together and learn from each other valuing contributions from all.

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