Aletheia Academies Trust


AAT C/O Saint George’s C of E School,
Meadow Road. Gravesend,
Kent, DA11 7LS


01474 533082

We are part of the Aletheia Academies Trust – a family of schools in which includes:

  • Saint George’s CofE
  • Shorne CEP
  • St. Botolph’s CEP
  • Horton Kirby CEP
  • Stone St Mary’s CEP
  • Sutton at Hone CEP
  • Holy Trinity CEP
  • Halling Primary School
  • Cliffe Woods Primary School
  • Sedley’s CEP

Operating within the family of the Diocese of Rochester, Aletheia schools are motivated by Christian values to serve our local communities. Our schools seek to embody the Christian experience of community, where gifts are shared, where the emphasis is on what can be contributed and where each is given according to need. Aletheia schools welcome those of all faiths and none and are proud of the inclusive nature and diversity of each cohort. At the heart of the Aletheia vision is the belief in educational excellence; the belief that Aletheia is called to serve pupils, staff, parents and the local community by providing places where children and young people develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally and spiritually.

Aletheia is committed to sustaining high-quality schools, and supporting schools in need of specific improvement in some of the more challenging wards in Kent. Our focus is to provide school improvement services that draw on the wealth of practice from across our trust, broaden the expertise available to schools through flexible working arrangements and increase our capacity to quickly respond to the needs of individual schools. Pedagogical excellence is at the heart of all we do with a sustained focus on collaborative and mastery learning. Our Teacher Training ‘Hub’ status aids our mission to recruit, train and retain staff of the highest quality within our local community

Belonging to a local Trust offers greater opportunities for influence than single schools can achieve: working together the Trust aims to be greater than the sum of its constituent schools. We see the growth of Aletheia as an opportunity for schools, leaders and governors to step forward as co-shapers of a school-led and self-improving system in our area. The trust offers our distinctive ethos, the strength of leadership and commitment to working collaboratively to ensure all our schools are outstanding.

More information about the Trust and its schools can be found on the AAT website.