50 Things Before I Leave Rosherville

At Rosherville Church of England Primary Academy, we have introduced ‘50 Things Before I Leave Rosherville Primary, this helps to give children the opportunity to tick off big items throughout their primary years. This list of experiences and activities helps children to enjoy and build vital life skills before they reach 11 and transition to secondary school. Children will be given the opportunity to participate in these 50 things: 

  1. Learn to Swim
  2. Tie your Shoelaces
  3. Learn Fire Safety
  4. Represent the School in an Outside Event
  5. Skim a Stone
  6. Make a Mud Creation
  7. Perform in a Musical Event
  8. Learn Basic First Aid Skills
  9. Take a Trip to London
  10. Visit a Museum
rosherville academy playing football
pupils at rosherville academy playing ukueles in music class
  1. Build a Den
  2. Experience a Chick Hatching
  3. Tell the Time
  4. Play an Instrument
  5. Visit Different Places of Worship
  6. Be Part of a Charity Event
  7. Explore a Forest
  8. Watch the Stars at Night
  9. Use a Needle and Thread
  10. Find your Way with a Map
  1. Visit a Zoo
  2. Write a Prayer
  3. Learn to Skip
  4. Cook on a Fire Outdoors
  5. Plant Something and Watch it Grow
  6. Learn to Cross the Road Safely
  7. Be Part of a School Play
  8. Learn a Traditional Playground Game
  9. Visit a Farm
  10. Forage for Wild Food
children skipping on the playground at rosherville cofe academy
bugingham palace at rosherville academy
  1. Cook Something
  2. Go on a Train Ride
  3. Compete as a Part of a Team
  4. Feed an Exotic Animal
  5. Fly a Kite
  6. Build a Home for Wildlife
  7. Buy Something and Check your Change
  8. Explore on Wheels
  9. Go on a Residential Trip
  10. Make Something to Sell
  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Go Paddling in the Sea
  3. Say 10 Phrases in Another Language
  4. Write a Letter to a Pen Pal
  5. Climb a Tree
  6. Become an Expert in your Local Area
  7. Lay on the Grass and Watch the Clouds
  8. Explore a Cave
  9. (Encouraged to pick 2 adventures)
  10. (Encouraged to pick 2 adventures)
rosherville academy at the queens jubliee lunch picnic