Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a wide range of free clubs that run both at lunchtime and after school throughout the year. Our clubs are led by teachers and teaching assistants from the school, our Trust and external providers. 

At Rosherville Primary Academy, we are always keen to provide children with opportunities to further develop and support a variety of skills and interests.

After-school clubs at Rosherville start at the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5 and run for 2 terms. We send letters home so children are able to select which clubs they would like to attend. For your child to attend any of the clubs we ask you to complete the slip attached to the letter and return it to the school office. Clubs will be available for Reception children from term 5.

DayTimeClub NameLocationTeacher
MondayAfter School
After School
After School
Art Club (KS1)
Art Club (KS2)
Donaldson Class
Dahl Class
Miss Pearce
Miss Sadi
Mr Edwards
TuesdayAfter School
After School
After School
Sports Club (Years 3-6)
Multi-Skills (Years 1-2)
Computing Programming
Speed Stacking

Shakespeare Class
Murphy Class

Mrs Burrha
Mr Till
WednesdayAfter SchoolKS2 Choir (Years 3-6)
ThursdayAfter School
After School
After School
Sewing Club (Years 3-6)
Yoga Club (Years 1-2)
Science Club (Years 1-2)

Murphy Class hall

Mrs McCormick and Mrs Salisbury-Jones
FridayAfter SchoolCooking Club (Years 1-6)
gymnastics club at rosherville academy
computing at rosherville academy
dance club at rosherville academy

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